Module Honda Keihin 1.5 Turbo


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Software module allows to edit calibrations of the Honda/Acura Petrol 1.5 Turbo vehicles with Keihin ECUs.

Module is in a test stage.

Available maps: MAF scaling, airmass flow through throttle body, TPS scaling, injection from high pressure, fuel pressure, rpm limiter, target lambda, spark advance, knock sensetivity, boost pressure, load limiter, boost pressure ratio limiters, wastegate duty, target camshaft angles for intake and exhaust camshaft, driver requested torque

 Supported SW list for Module Honda Keihin 1.5 Turbo
37805-5MY-H510_37805-5MY-H540 37805-59B-J150 37805-5AA-X510_37805-5AA-X520
37805-5AA-X510_37805-5AA-X540 37805-5AF-B510_37805-5AF-B530 37805-5AF-H110_37805-5AF-H130
37805-5AF-H110_37805-5AF-H140 37805-5AF-H810_37805-5AF-H830 37805-5AF-H830_37805-5AF-H830
37805-5AG-N710 37805-5AG-N710_37805-5AG-N710 37805-5AG-N810
37805-5AG-N810_37805-5AG-N810 37805-5AG-P510_37805-5AG-P510 37805-5AG-P710_37805-5AG-P710
37805-5AG-P810_37805-5AG-P830 37805-5AG-P910_37805-5AG-P910 37805-5AG-P910_37805-5AG-P920
37805-5AG-U610_37805-5AG-U620 37805-5AG-U910_37805-5AG-U910 37805-5AG-Z510_37805-5AG-Z530
37805-5MY-H510_37805-5MY-H540 37805-5PD-Q910_37805-5PD-Q930 37805-5PF-F810_37805-5PF-F830
37805-5WA-H610_37805-5WA-H640 37805-5WA-H610_37805-5WA-H650


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