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Hello colleagues! We offer you proven solutions for cars, truck, tractors, bikes, boats and special vehicles:

  • DPF off. Diesel particulate filter disable.
  • EGR off. Exhaust gas recirculation disable.
  • SCR/DEF/AdBlue off. Diesel exhaust fluid disable.
  • NOx sensors off.
  • Catalyst off.
  • O2 sensors off.
  • Other DTC off. If vehicles work fine, but has check engine lamp and DTC error in diagnostic scanner, we can disable it.
  • Tuning file Stage1/Stage2/Stage3/ECO. You can check power in Tuning configurator from Sedox Performance

How do I get a solution?

Five steps:

  1. Read original file from ECU with our tools or other. If ECU cant read, get ID.
  2. Create task on this page, or find ready for your ID in our File store.
  3. We send ready MOD file for you to email or WhatsApp with instructions.
  4. Write MOD file to ECU.
  5. Follow the instructions. Profit!

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We develop solutions, and then always check work on vehicles. Tested ready files you can find in:

Also any questions by WhatsApp 24/7. We answer ASAP: