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Instruction PCMFlash Module 62 – Ford/Getrag 6DCT450

Support Read/Write/Clone:

PowerShift TCM (6DCT450) [RD/WR]
PowerShift 6DCT450 Boot (MICRO) [RD/WR]
PowerShift 6DCT450 Boot (EEPROM) [RD/WR]

Instructions for use:

Work on OBD (can read / write the working SOFTWARE, access to EEPROM is not supported): with Ford vehicles can work on OBD protocols supported GGDS and KWP. C Volvo, JLR-fresh cars are supported via GGDS.

Attention: writing in vbf files and also converting them is not SUPPORTED. The problem is that the update requires a sequential write of three (?) files to be held in the same session, which the loader does not support.

Work in Boot-requires a direct connection to the connector. In this mode, you can access both the internal memory of the processor and the external EEPROM. Ie you can make a full clone of TCM. Work in BOOT mode is possible in the car, but you need to try and get used to it. To successfully enter the mode, you must enable recovery mode and select manual power management. The ignition is switched on at the request of the program. Performance in this mode is not guaranteed.

A few words about cloning when replacing the TCM. The hardware number is engraved on the TCM in the area of the loop attachment to the Board, but to see it you need to Unscrew the hydroblock. The room has a view of 7M5R-14C247-xx. The same number will be visible when reading the EEPROM. Performance is guaranteed only if the number matches, otherwise – as luck would have it. The most recent revision for the TCM of the first generation has a number 7M5R-14C247-FA. In principle, those who are engaged in repair, already have experience.

Direct connection to the connector (it is important to have a 120 Ohm resistor on the can bus).

red – +12, black – ground, yellow – can-h blue can-l.

It is highly recommended to use an automatic power supply circuit, for example simplest: