Legality of Use

1. Customer Responsibility

All customers who purchase Stage and DELETE mod files and remapping tools for cars, trucks, tractors, special equipment, and other machinery from our website are fully responsible for researching and complying with the laws of their country regarding the use of these files and tools.

2. Legality of Use

Before purchasing a tuning, the customer must verify:

– Local Legislation: Ensure that the use of such tunings does not violate local laws and regulations.
– Compliance with Standards: Tunings may not comply with emission, safety, and other regulatory standards in your country.

3. Usage Restrictions

Stage and DELETE tunings are generally intended for off-road use. Installing and using them on public roads may be illegal.

4. Use in Critical Situations

Tunings may only be used in the following cases:

– Off-Road Use: Tunings are allowed only on private property or in conditions where road traffic regulations do not apply.
– Temporary Restoration: Tunings can be used for temporary restoration of equipment operability in critical situations, but not for permanent use.

5. Disclaimer

We are not responsible for any legal consequences, fines, or other measures taken against customers as a result of using Stage and DELETE tunings. The customer fully assumes responsibility for any actions related to the installation and use of tunings.

6. Agreement to the Policy

By purchasing Stage and DELETE tunings on our website, the customer automatically agrees to this policy and acknowledges that they are aware of the potential risks and legal consequences.