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HINO 268 8.0td DENSO ORI SCRoff DPFoff EGRoff

You can use our tools for read and write this ECU via OBD:

Also we offer tested solution for SCR(DEF, AdBlue)/DPF/EGR off solution. Simple 6 steps:

1. Read ORI dump from ECU. If use MMCFlash connect J2534 to OBD2 and select SH7058+S93C86[1024kb]CAN

2. Check Software ID. Address 0x6000 in HEX

3. Find needed ID in store, or make new order in our system.

4. Write MOD file to ECU.

5. Do resets with Hino DX2 software DEF, DPF, sensors. Erase DTC.

Check if was limp mode:

After resets DEF SCR torque (and speed) limit indification must be 0!

6. When has DEF SCR torque (and speed) limit indification = 0, immediately remove SCR fuse. Can use the truck. Profit.

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