Module Moto/Extreme Denso Virtual Reader


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Service module for identification and virtual reading of Arctic Cat and Suzuki Denso ECUs 32920-4xxxx based on MCU Renesas SH7052.

Real ECU software reading is only possible with drilling big hole to access AUD port pins. Its not very safe for future outdoor ECU using.

This module allows to get correct file with no drilling.

You can get software ID through K-line and get file if we have it on our server.

  • Arctic Cat Denso Virtual Reader (FID: 64)
  • Suzuki Moto Denso Virtual Reader (FID: 103)


Attention! We are not provide ORI files by mail, skype etc. You have to use this module to get file with the vehicle.

Attention! Module does not provide writing.

We will not respond to the claims about the inability to read a file from our server if we do not have it.

Attention! Module activated for FREE for all users of BitEdit Arctic Cat Denso module


FID: 64, 103