Module Bosch M17.8.7


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Module for KTM and Polaris vehicles with Bosch M17.8.7 ECUs with Infineon TC1762 MCU and internal flash memory 1.5Mb.

Available maps:
Air filling calculation for load and throttle valve position, enrichment/enleanment factors during acceleration/deacceleration, target lambda, warm up factors, desired idle speed via engine temperature, spark advance optimal, base spark advance, spark advance retardation limit, spark advance efficiency, lambda efficiency, engine speed limitation (need test).


Supported SW list for Module Bosch M17.8.7/ME17.9.74
1037509146 1037515733 1037518937
1037519046 1037523914 1037524309
1037526416 1037527831 1037528627
1037528764 1037529021 1037533121
1037537454 1037538233 1037539315
1037541704 1037541787 1037545872
1037546846 1037549320 1037550284
1037554298 1037554652 1037555961
10SW001057 10SW004312 10SW007004
10SW009626 10SW011840 10SW013349
10SW013398 10SW013496 10SW013721
10SW016401 10SW017918 10SW018538
10SW025492 10SW025526 10SW025628
10SW025756 10SW026683 10SW029150
10SW029504 10SW044290


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