Module Continental SIM2K-24x


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Software module for editing calibrations Continental SIM2K-24x ECUs of petrol normal aspirated and turbocharged Kia/Hyundai.

List of available maps:

Air calculation: correction of measured MAF, maximal airmass flow, target mass air flow from torque
Boost control: calculated charger speed, maximal boost pressure, minimal boost pressure, pressure ratio, wastegate duty cycle, wastegate pressure
Exhaust temperature model: basic EGT, basic/reference spark advance for EGT model
Idle speed: nominal idle speed AT/MT, with A/C, without A/C
Knock control: knock sensors gains
Rail pressure: target rail pressure, target rail pressure at start, rail pressure at catalyst heating
Spark advance: maximal spark advance correction, minimal spark advance, spark advance at part load, spark advance at start, spark advance base, spark advance retardation for torque correction, spark advance angle efficiency
Target lambda: base lambda, target lambda at full load, target lambda on throttle opening
Throttle valve control: airmass flow through throttle body, maximal throttle position for AT/MT, Reduced area of throttle for MT/AT
Torque model: requested torque, factor for indicated torque limitation, indicated torque, requested torque threshold for full load mode
VVT: exhaust camshaft position, intake camshaft position
Injector control: injection time dynamic map
Limiters: engine speed limitation, vehicle speed limitation (when found)
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