Module Honda Bosch Petrol Turbo


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Software module allowed to edit calibrations of the turbocharged Honda Petrol vehicles with Bosch MED17.9.3 ECUs.

We proveide maps: airmass calculation through throttle body, calculated nominal charge, optimal torque, and maximal indicated torque in normal and sport modes, boost controller caclulating from efficiency and desired position for wastegate, boost limitation factors via temperature and knocking, engine speed limitation in different operation modes, exhaust gas temperature model, target fuel pressure maps, functions monitoring base maps for torque, ignition, lambda, idle speed maps, injector corrections and open time calculation, nominal lambda and lambda efficiency, requested torque for all known operation modes, ignition efficiency, base spark advance, minimal spark advance, spark advance retardation thresholds, minimal spark advance, desired throttle position, and also intake and exhaust camshaft control, vehicle speed limitation(when found). DTC mask editor also available.


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