Module Marelli IAW 7GV


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Software module for editing Magneti Marelli IAW7GV ECU files. ECU used in VAG group vehicles

  • Injection timing, injection correction depends on temperature and injection at start.
  • Idle engine speed in all available modes
  • Friction and drag torque control, indicated torque control, relative and requested torque at different conditions, full load torque limitation, slow down torque, power limit torque and more…
  • Knock control sensivity, spark advance correction, maps to detect good/bad fuel
  • Rev limiter(engine speed limiter)
  • Exhaust gas model: temperature and pressure calculation and corrections
  • Calculation of airmass, compression ratio, air density values, correction of airmass
  • Spark advance, base, optimal, minimal angles, correction of advance
  • Target lambda in part load, full load, WOT mode, combustion efficiency by lambda
  • Speed limitation values
  • Throttle valve target position maps, mechanic law of throttle valve, maximal request of position

Attention! Due to big number of maps requests for adding new SW files will processed up to 1 day.


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