Module Marelli IAW 9GV


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Software module for editing Magneti Marelli IAW 9GV ECU files. ECU used in VAG group vehicles with 1.6 CFZA engines.

Available maps:

  • Idle engine speed in all available modes
  • Friction and drag torque control, indicated torque control, relative and requested torque at different conditions, full load torque limitation, slow down torque, power limit torque and more…
  • Knock control sensivity, spark advance correction, maps to detect good/bad fuel
  • Rev limiter(engine speed limiter)
  • Exhaust gas model: temperature and pressure calculation and corrections
  • Calculation of airmass, compression ratio, air density values, correction of airmass
  • Spark advance, base, optimal, minimal angles, correction of advance
  • Target lambda in part load, full load, WOT mode, combustion efficiency by lambda
  • Throttle valve target position maps, mechanic law of throttle valve, maximal request of position