Module Mazda Mitsubishi 2.3 Turbo


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Software module for editing calibrations Mitsubishi ECU of petrol Mazda vehicles with 2.3 Turbo engines.

Available maps:

Boost pressure: boost limitation on closed throttle, boost pressure limitation, desired boost pressure, desired load, intake pressure limitation, maximal intake pressure, wastegate duty
Calculated EGT
Idle: desired idle speed in drive,desired idle speed in P/N, minimal idle speed in drive
Limiters: engine speed limitation, vehicle speed limitation(when found)
Spark advance: optimal spark advance, spark advance in closed loop, spark advance in open loop
Target lambda: target lambda in closed loop, target lambda in open loop
Torque: Accelerator pedal torque request, engine torque limitation, relative throttle valve position, requested torque

SW list:

L33LET000L3TB010 L33MER000L3TB011 L33PEP000L3TB021
L33PET000L3TB021 L33XEH000L3T60A0 L34CEG000L3T6020
L34LEJ000L3T6050 L35HEE000L3T6060 L35HEG000L3T6060
L37HEB000L3TB0A1 L37JEF000L3T6061 L37LED000L3TB051
L37LEF000L3TB051 L37LEG000L3TB051 L39MEA000L3TB011
L39MED000L3TB011 L39PED000L3TB021 L3CD-188K2-C
L3CF-188K2-E L3CG-188K2-D L3CG-188K2-E
L3CK-188K2-E L3CK-188K2-F L3CK-188K2-G
L3CK-188K2-H L3CX-188K2-D L3DB-188K2-B
L3DB-188K2-D L3DB-188K2-E L3DN-188K2-C
L3EC-188K2-A L3M6EM000L3T60A1 L3M7EL000L3T6061
L3M7EN000L3T6061 L3P4EM000L3T6051


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