Module Nissan Hitachi Petrol Gen2


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Software module for editing calibrations Hitachi Gen2 ECU of petrol NA and Turbo Nissan vehicles. MCU supported Renesas SH72533 with filesize 2.0Mb.

The following maps are available: PID gains for boost controller, boost ratio correction, target boost, boost limitation maps, injection alpha-n calibration map, a/f ratio conversion maps for normal and stratified injection modes, injection timing, fuel rail pressure, pedal to QH0 conversion maps, injector compensation, engine speed limitation and launch assist rev limiter for MT, spark advance base and optimal maps, retardation limit for spark advance, torque from QH0 conversion, target drive force map, and also camshaft (VVT) control for intake and exhaust VTC, and also vehicle speed limiter available (when found!).

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