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Module for reading and writing extrime vehicles with Rotax engines and ECUs Bosch ME17.8.5 and Siemens MSE 3.7x. Its working through diagnostic plug or on the bench with no need to open ECU.

Siemens MSE 3.7x (FID: 10)

Siemens MSE 3.7x family allows to get software ID, read FullFlash and write calibration area by K-line, also it performes checksum correction on writing.

For today we support 2 ECU types:

  • Siemens MSE 3.7 with MCU ST10F269 and internal Flash memory 256Kb.
  • Siemens MSE 3.71 with MCU ST10F269 and internal Flash memory 256Kb.


Bosch ME17.8.5 (FID: 11, 31)

Allows to get software ID, virtual reading of the FullFlash from our server and to write calibration area by CANbus. Also it performs checksum correction on writing.

We will not respond to the claims about the inability to read a file from our server (Virtual reading) if we do not have it.

ECU is based on MCU Infineon Tricore TC1762 with internal Flash memory 1504Kb.


FID: 10, 11, 31


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