Module Toyota Denso Gen4 BENCH-CAN


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Module for reading and writing on the BENCH with CAN-bus Toyota Denso Gen4 ECUs used in Toyota/Lexus petrol vehicles.

Toyota Denso R7F702002 (FID: 444)

Allows to work on the BENCH with exclusive range of the newest Toyota and Lexus petrol vehicles with Denso Gen4 ECUs. This ECUs are based on Renesas R7F702002 MCU with 8Mb internal flash memory.

Module allows:

– Identification
– Real Reading on the BENCH
– Virtual Reading
– Writing on the BENCH with CS check pass

Module covers 7 ECU types that compiled to one common FID with automatic type detection:

  • Toyota LC300, Tundra, Lexus LX600 etc with 3.5 Turbo V35A-FTS
  • Toyota Tundra/Sequoia Hybrid with 3.5 Turbo V35A-FTS
  • 2 types of Lexus LS500 with 3.5 Turbo V35A-FTS
  • all known Toyota and Lexus with 2.4 Turbo T24A-FTS
  • 2 types of Wildlander 2.0 M20C-FKS and similar

Other ECU types will be added as soon as possible.

FID: 444


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