Instruction PCMFlash Module 64 – Mitsubishi Fuso Canter

Foreword about EDC7C4-6/EDC16C31:

1) It’s the same thing, it’s actually an EDC7 in an EDC16 case. Euro 3 and 4 toxicity standards. In these ECUs, SOFTWARE updates were not initially planned at all. In the first cars of 2007 (?) year (right hand drive), the bootloader area does not contain programs for this mode of operation. Trucks of the next years of production already contain everything needed, but it is implemented on a residual basis, apparently no one was going to use it. And they don’t use it. Here is for work with this curvature and was made module.

2) ECUs are of two types: only K-line (OBD plug has k-line and works identification and diagnostics) and CAN (OBD plug has CAN and k-line, but k-line NOT connected to ECU). All CAN ECUs also support k-line reprog, but of course, when directly connected to the ECU.

3) Can ECUs – the most unpleasant in the work, because there reprog is made crooked, so that the speed of the CAN-BUS does not coincide with the working speed. Therefore, if the truck is equipped with a tachograph or a robotic gearbox (perhaps something else), programming on the CAN-BUS in the truck will not be POSSIBLE. In this case, you will get an error when entering programming mode, and the ECU will “stop communicating”. In fact, everything is fine with it, if you unplug and connect back the battery terminal, it will “return”. To program such blocks, you will need to remove it and connect it directly to the ECU (can or K-line). Solution: after turning on the ignition, pause for 30 seconds before pressing OK.

4) All 24V units on the table normally work from 12V. Tactrix Open Port 2.0 does not formally support working at a voltage of 24 V, but You can do this at your own risk, provided that the truck will not start, and the battery is slightly low…

5) PCMFlash read from these ECU full dump! In the file will external and internal flash. Writing also full dump! Warning.

Pinout EDC7/16:

blue-GND, red-+12v, green-K-line, yellow-CAN-H, light blue-CAN-L

About EDC17. Read only the maps area. Recording – depending on the file, if it is possible to record the entire software, PCMFlash will ask about it. You can use files read in BSL. There are no special features for working with these ECUs

Pinout EDC17CP15:

You should not count the mod file checksum! The most common problem with EDC16 is recalculating compatibility checksum for writing via BDM.