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Isuzu NPR 2012 5.2L ORI SCRoff DPFoff EGRoff


WARNING! MMCFlash has universal DENSO module 36 or special Isuzu DENSO module 82 for work with Isuzu Trucks. For example Isuzu NPR 5.2td SH7058/SH7059. ECU no need open, just direct connection, with Isuzu DENSO BIG pinout.

Also we offer tested solution for SCR(DEF, AdBlue)/DPF/EGR off solution. With our solution for SCRoff no need remap DEF unit! Simple 5 steps:

1. Remove ECU from truck, connect with pins and read dump. Can use our bench box adapter.

2. Send ori file to our system, or find with ID in store.

3. Write this file to ECU.

4. Connect ECU and DEF units to the truck, and do resets with IDSS scanner: DEF, DPF, sensors. Erase DTC.

5. Disconnect DEF unit. Next it no need for work. Profit.




Вы смотрите: Isuzu_NPR_5.2_DENSO_SH7059_DEN875433_98260060AB_98323903_ORI_SCRoff_DPFoff_EGRoff 22500$
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