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VAG MED9 P0601 P1640 Checksum error. Solved

If you’re seeing non-erasable DTC codes P0601 or P1640 on your Audi, VW, Seat, or Skoda, we’ve got the solution. People often blame it on a bad checksum in the tuning file, but even if you restore the original FLASH and EEPROM, the codes stay still. This issue can arise after a car has been remapped or with regular usage.

Let little explain : this problem is related to the EEPROM chip. Certain sectors are damaged, causing the EEPROM data to become corrupted. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you need to replace the ECU or the chip. Even if you clone the ECU, the issue must reappear on the new one.

Our developers fully understood this issue and have a solution by MOD EEPROM dump.

We use manual FIX dump + checksum calculate by eeprom_V2.0.0 + improve after. This great tool for edit VAG EEPROM, we attach for you for free – eeprom_V2.0.0 

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