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Module for reading and writing Magneti Marelli ECUs, used on the VAG normal aspirated vehicles with 1.6 CFNA, CFNB, CLRA, CLSA, 1.4 CGGB, CLPA, CLPB and 1.6 CFZA engines.

Magneti Marelli IAW 7GV (FID: 5)

This ECU is based on MCU Infineon SAK-XC2785X-104F80L with internal flash memory 832Kb.

Allows to read FullFlash and write calibration area by OBD2. Supports 1.6 CFNA, CFNB, CLRA, CLSA and 1.4 CGGB, CLPA, CLPB engines.

It writes calibration area and takes only 3 minutes.

Also we are recommend calibration Editor for Marelli IAW 7GV.

Magneti Marelli IAW 9GV (FID: 7)

This ECU is based on MCU NXP SPC5634 with internal flash memory 1.5 Mb.

Used in FlexFuel VAG vehicles with 1.6 CFZA engine.

Allows to read and write FullFlash in BSL mode, checksumm correction and EEPROM reading and writing. Module can be used for 100% ECU cloning.

ECU must be opened and connected on the bench as shown in instruction manual.

Attention! Marelli 9GV is not working now with all J2534 adapters. Currently we tested and guarantee correct work with CarDAQ Plus, Bosch VCM2, Mongoose.

Also we are recommend calibration Editor for Marelli IAW 9GV.


FID: 5, 7


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