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Kubota Red Lamp, Not Start, Beeper solved

Hello colleguas! We have developed Stage1 SCR/DEF DPF EGR off solutions for 90% types kubota engines.

Many tractors and other machines with kubota engine often has problem with SCR DPF EGR components. For example DPF problems:


Screen from service manual Kubota. DPF you can download here:

Diagnosctic manual Kubota V3800.pdf

DPF system has 3 types fill status:

  • Level 1 – Green. DPF filter is filled above 26000mg, regeneration will occur automatically if there are suitable engine modes during tractor operation. The driver is not notified, it is expressed only through diagnostics with the error code DTC P3006
  • Level 2- Yellow. DPF filter is filled above 31000mg, forced regeneration is urgently required. The DTC code is P3007. It is turned by driver compartment with a button, and the tractor will fry its diesel fuel for 0,5-3 hours. But how many owners of such equipment have read the manuals? And from those who read, did you forget to follow the hired drivers so that they regenerate the DPF filter? Therefore, the next level often comes.
  • Level 3 – Red. DPF filter is filled above 36000mg,  in the cabin beeper is ON, red DPF error lamp is ON. DTC P3008. Limited power and the tractor can’t use. What now? Replacement of the diesel particulate filter with original new serial number (~4000$) and reset from the Kubota dealer scanner. 

At this moment we can solve all types. Need make remap ECU and sometimes DCU (SCR unit).

Kubota ECU – DENSO can be GEN1 SH7058(1mb)/SH7059(1.5mb) and GEN2 SH72xxx(2mb) processors. Read/Write full dump and maps only via MMCFlash:

Also request EEPROM work. It makes via scaner with reset function or we make directly CLEAR EEPROM ECU dump from readed ORI EEPROM.